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On April 27, 2005 the Travelers Rest Police Department took steps to gain access to the “A Child Is Missing” network, a Florida based non-profit organization founded in 1997. Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the United States, a scary statistic. ACIM exists to assist law enforcement in a search for a missing child or an Alzheimer’s patient, as well as to notify communities when a sexual offender/predator moves to the area.

Through complex telephony ACIM can place 1000 calls in 60 seconds to areas determined by the investigating officer and can deliver a personalized message from the Police Department, enlisting the help of the entire community in locating the person. ACIM is activated withing approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, ACIM uses satellite imagery of the search area to pinpoint “hot spots” where the victim may be located, i.e. restaurants, parks, or bodies of water. ACIM could also be used to notify citizens when a registered sex offender relocates to their neighborhood.

As of January 2008 ACIM has assisted in over 325 safe recoveries.


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