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Travelers Rest is governed by a publicly elected mayor and eight city council members.



How many citizens does the Police Department serve?
Although the area has grown considerably since, the 2010 US census documented 4576 people within our city limits.

Where is the Police Department located?
City Hall and the Police Department share a building located at 6711 State Park Road, across the street from the SunTrust Bank and the Cleveland Park Animal Hospital.

How many people does the Police Department employ?
The Police Department has fifteen full-time sworn officers, five communications specialists, two state constables, and a civilian records administrator.

What type of shifts do your employees work?
The police officers are divided into three separate twelve hour shifts. Communications specialists work two separate twelve hour shifts. Administrative, investigative, and civilian personnel typically work five eight hour days each week.

Is there always a uniform patrol supervisor on-duty?
Yes, there is; three uniformed sergeants are assigned opposite shifts from each other to maximize the time that officers are directly under their direction. In the rare circumstances that a sergeant is not on-duty, a senior patrol officer serves as shift supervisor. Additionally, the chief of police and the captain alternate weeks as the 24 hour on-call command staff officer.

I try to monitor what happens in Travelers Rest and I read something about the Police Department in a local publication that just doesn't seem right to me. How can I be sure I'm getting all the facts?
Remember that there are always two sides to every story and if you want to make an informed decision you should hear both sides. Most people realize that gossip is rarely true, and that it is always harmful to everyone involved. It is an unfortunate reality that some people actually thrive on strife and are for some reason uncomfortable with the accomplishments of others. We encourage you to contact the chief or the captain with any questions you may have.

Is the Police Department open 24 hours?
During business hours, you can enter the Police Department through either the front lobby entrance at City Hall or through the 24-hour entrance on the right-hand side of the building. Police officers and dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached at 864-834-9029 and of course by dialing 911 for emergencies.

How often is municipal court in Travelers Rest?
Court is held every other Thursday at 2:00 pm in the City Council chambers at City Hall, and jury trials are held quarterly. Occasionally, a third court day may be added in a month to keep our cases moving in a timely manner.

I received a letter calling me for jury duty, but the last time I showed up I didn't even sit on a jury. Why am I being called again?
Jury duty is a very important responsibility and the American criminal justice system would not function without citizens serving as jurors. Jurors are selected from the population of the jurisdiction in which a criminal charge was made. The fact that Travelers Rest has somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 citizens means that people tend to get called for jury duty more often than in larger municipalities.

Can I bring my kids to see the police cars?
You certainly may! The police officers regularly give tours of the station to individuals and groups. Please contact the Police Department at 864-834-9029 to set up a time.

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