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Is calling 911 the best way to call for help?
That depends; 911 is intended to report in-progress, more serious crimes when time is of the essence. If you simply have a question, or wish to report a crime that has already occurred, we ask that you use our non-emergency lines (864-834-9029 or 834-9020) so that we can keep the 911 lines available for emergencies.

How long will it take for an officer to respond to my call?
Again, it depends. In a perfect world an officer would be waiting by the phone to respond immediately to every need in Travelers Rest. However, the reality is often that calls have to be prioritized and routine calls are handled as soon as an officer is not required elsewhere on more serious crimes. Many times calls require two or more police officers and there may be several of these types of calls at one time. Please be patient and if the situation changes you can call us back and give us any new information. Just like the emergency room at the hospital, calls are prioritized and are not always handled in the order they were received.

Does an officer have to physically respond to every call?
Not necessarily; many calls can be handled over the phone, or you could even come to the Police Department at a time that is more convenient for you to file a report. Our communications specialists can help you make that decision.

Is a written police report required for every incident?
No, in many cases complainants simply need advice or guidance from an officer and a report might not serve a purpose.

Will I be given a copy of my report before the officer leaves the scene?
Our reports are typed at the Police Department once the officer clears the call so the officer will not be able to provide you a copy on the scene. The officer will, however, give you a card with your case number and your report will be available within a day or two in most cases.

Will I be charged a fee for a copy of my report?
No, complainants are not charged a fee for copies of their reports.

How is a report processed once it's written?
Our officers are required to submit their reports for approval by a supervisor by the end of the shift on which the report was written. The supervisor can either approve the report or send it back for corrections. Once the report is approved by a supervisor it is forwarded to the captain, who makes the final approval and submits it to the records administrator to file.

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