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Travelers Rest grew from a stopover point for weary travelers in the early 1800´s.



Do I have to register my residential or business alarm with the Police Department?
In July of 2007 the Travelers Rest false alarm ordinance was rescinded by city council. However, all alarm systems still must be registered at the Police Department. Registration forms are available on this site or you may call the alarm administrator at 834-9029 for more information.

How and where do I pay a traffic citation?
Traffic citations are handled by the administrative judge, Shirley Burnette, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am–5:00 pm (excluding holidays) here at the Police Department. You may pay your ticket in person or by mail with cash, money order, or a certified check. Personal checks are not accepted.

Should I call the police about animal control problems, such as a loose or barking dog or an animal not receiving proper care?
For animal complaints you should call the police dispatcher (864-834-9029) and describe your concern. The dispatcher will notify either the city animal control officer or an on-duty police officer, depending upon the time of day.

Who do I call if there is a home in my neighborhood with a junked vehicle, tall grass, or trash in its yard?
The community services officer can be contacted through the police dispatch and he will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action.

I have questions or concerns about a police officer’s conduct. Is there someone I can call to discuss the matter?
These matters can usually be resolved by speaking to the officer’s supervisor. We take complaints very seriously and every expression of dissatisfaction with our service is investigated with the use of a checklist called a "Service Recovery Worksheet". You can call 834-9029 or come by the Police Department and ask to speak with the supervisor. If you don’t know the officer’s name you can tell us the date, time, and location of the incident and we can help you get in touch with the appropriate person.

How can I find out if the Police Department is hiring?
Typically, job openings will be advertised in the Greenville News and in the Bulletins section of this site. Applications will be made available only at the times that we have openings.

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